Between 1945 and 1958 10,000 S trucks were built with underframes supplied by Commonwealth Engineering and bodies supplied by Clyde wagon works. These wagons have a steel underframe with a steel and wooden composite body and a wooden floor.

These wagons were a general purpose open wagon and were used to transport a wide variety of goods ranging from general goods, coal, early containers, machinery and much more and were used over every line in NSW. The S truck was considered the "standard" freight wagon in length.

We believe this may actually be  S813. Whilst it carries the number L813, another preserved wagon at Goulburn Roundouse is also coded L813. It appears that at some point the wagon was recoded L813 with the letter "S" being painted out and replaced with "L". The final use of this wagon was as a
material storage wagon at Dubbo locomotive depot.
In November 2008
the Railcorp Office of Rail Heriatge offered the wagon to Goodwin Alco.

Restoration is now underway and you can follow the progress here .