About Us

Goodwin Alco is a not for profit organisation committed to the restoration, conservation and operation of heritage rail rolling stock in NSW.

Goodwin Alco’s team members come from a diverse but complementary background and contribute a wide range of expertise and knowledge which facilitates a common company focus and ability to deliver appropriate and sustainable rail heritage activities.

The resume of Goodwin Alco’s team includes rail and mining industry management staff, technical advisors and “hands on” practical people who possess the professional expertise and the situational awareness to ensure continued success.

Goodwin Alco’s team members comprise both industry professionals and active rail heritage volunteers. They have previously held board and management positions with a variety of rail heritage groups and have an intimate understanding of the requirements and structure of the rail heritage industry.

Goodwin Alco's activities are backed by a large group of dedicated volunteer workers, friends and oldmates.

The name Goodwin Alco has a long association with the locomotive products of rail manufacturer AE Goodwin and was displayed proudly on its locomotive’s builders plates.

AE Goodwin delivered in excess of 400 locomotives to the NSW & SA government railways over a 27 year period as well as constructing locomotives for iron ore railways, wagons and other items for the rail industry. To this day, many AE Goodwin locomotives, including those owned by Goodwin Alco, regularly operate in many parts of the Australian rail network and are also used and displayed by heritage groups. 


For information on Goodwin Alco’s locomotives go to the rolling stock page.