What We Do

Goodwin Alco manages and sponsors heritage restoration projects with the aim of complementing its existing activities as well as progressing the activities of groups with similar goals and objectives.

As a team, Goodwin Alco has a 15 year history of rolling stock and rail heritage restoration and operation in conjunction with several rail operators and heritage groups.

Goodwin Alco’s success is underpinned by the extensive practical and management rail experience of its team members dating back 30 years.

Goodwin Alco is also responsible for the management of a fleet of accredited diesel locomotives operated on the NSW rail network.

Assistance is provided to other project and maintenance teams via the provision of technical, management, audit, physical and information resources. 

All revenue from Goodwin Alco’s activities is used to support our rollingstock fleet and to progress other heritage focused activities including the sponsorship of works conducted by others.

Go to the Gallery page and News page and also look at our Eveleigh workdays blogsite which showcase restoration activities currently being undertaken or sponsored by Goodwin Alco. These activities are at the heritage Eveleigh Large Erecting shop and other rail heritage locations throughout NSW.